Jeremy Kossen

Jeremy Kossen

Journalist, podcaster and author.

Writer and podcaster covering health, science, politics and medical cannabis.

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The Huffington Post

Facebook Cannabis Crackdown in Alaska: Social Media Giant Shuts Down Marijuana Shops’ Business Pages | HuffPost

Facebook Cannabis Crackdown in Alaska: Social Media...

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The Huffington Post

Don't Be Fooled: Iran's Newly Elected Hassan Rouhani Is No Moderate | HuffPost

Browse many of the headlines in the western media, and you might think Iran’s newly re-elected, President Hassan Rouhani, is downright sensible, a moderate, a progressive reformer. The argument goes — as echoed by The Guardian, CNN, and other western media — Rouhani is making strident efforts to “end Iran’s international isolation” and bring “greater freedoms at home.” Don’t be fooled.

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The Huffington Post

Cooperation or Combat? The Choice Is Yours!

Every single thing we say and do are actions which we have chosen to make. What we don’t say and do are the result of our inactions, which are also choices. Whether those choices are conscious or unconscious, they are still choices.