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Jeremy Kossen

Journalist, podcaster and author.

Writer and podcaster covering health, science, politics and medical cannabis.

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Open uri20160521 18106 r159cl article

Cannabis Lowers Blood Pressure and Diabetes Risk

According to a NHANES report, metabolic syndrome continues to be a pervasive problem in the U.S. However, cannabis is helping lower risk....

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How Women Are Shaping The Future of Legal Cannabis

The cannabis industry could very well become the first female dominated multi-billion dollar global industry....

Wa state weed flag article

What You Need To Know: WA's Cannabis Patient Protection Act

Things are about to change for Washington medical marijuana patients. Last year, on April 24, the Governor signed into law SB 5052, better known as The Cannabis Patient Protection ACT (CPPA), coming into full effect on July 1.

Open uri20160521 18106 1mkiffo article

Senate Approves Bill to Allow Veterans Access to Medical Cannabis

The U.S. Senate will permit military veterans to access medical marijuana in the 23 states where it is legal....

Canada cannabis policy 1050x452 article

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Puts Cannabis Legalization ...

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau puts nationwide legalization into motion. Will the U.S. follow in their footsteps?

Open uri20160521 18106 1tehnls article

Wall Street & Silicon Valley Are 'High' On Cannabis Industry's Future

As more players with ties to Silicon Valley and the banking world enter the legal cannabis space, the industry will become more legitimate and valuable....

Open uri20160521 18106 10adblb article

Cannabis Dispensary Security Hiring Best Practices, Part 1: Hire On Experience, Not Price

Through this 4-part series, “Cannabis Dispensary Security Hiring Best Practices”, we’re going to cover a myriad of issues you need to consider for your dispensary......

Open uri20160521 18106 z8fdm6 article

Cannabis Dispensary Security Hiring Best Practices, Part 2

The growth has spawned what many call the “Green Rush,” and with any emerging industry experiencing rapid growth....